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Hey y’all. I am a good southern guy with a flare for uniqueness and just a dash of sass. Now some of my chosen family and friends may say more than a dash of sass – but I digress.


I was born and raised in a little furniture manufacturing town called Bassett, VA. 

I started my adult life thinking I would serve as a designated sniper for the US Army; but destiny had other plans for me.  So I decided to shift my focus after high school to "numbers".  

I attended and graduated NC A&T State University (HBCU) and majored in Finance with a minor in Applied Music. Yes – I am a musician. I studied wind instruments and piano/organ. That was a natural fit for me since I had played piano and organ in my hometown church and other surrounding churches since I was 10 years old.


After I graduated, I met a great life-long friend (Ritchie Roark) and moved to a quaint little town in the mountains of NC called Boone.  This is where I met my forever chosen family.  One of the first people I met at a little basement party was Anthony Wilson.  We became instant close friends and I consider him my closest chosen family.  


Over the years, I dabbled in hotel management, event management, catering and settled in on Real Estate and property management.  This is where I found my groove as they say.

Over the last 5 years, Anthony and I have talked about many business ventures and attempted several in the early days. It wasn’t our time then.  But honey – right here, right now - it is OUR time!  This is one of the reasons we started this company. This company is grounded in LOVE and PROSPERITY.  


At Our Pride Life, we are here 4 YOU, 4 ME, 4 US.  Get into this GIG.

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